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Celebrating the life of George Verwer

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I met George for the first time in November 1962 here in the United Kingdom, a meeting that changed my life for ever. His passion to share the love of God with Europe and then the world just flowed from him for many, his message was radical but very meaningful.

In early 1962 he was arrested in Russia and caused a political storm between Russia and the USA, he was then banned and so was his prayer 'Here I am send others', and others did go. Many will remember George traveling the world and sharing the passion God had given him. Very few will know that when not traveling or taking meetings or at home or with his wife Drena, he would spend time visiting the sick in their homes or hospital, he also had the gift for visiting people in prison.

George was not only interested in Operation Mobilisation but also for all mission groups and individuals. There is much more I could say but, in closing Thank you Drena for the support you gave to George, he spent so much time away from you and the family. Thank you Benjamin, Daniel and Christa Thank you Lord for such a faithful servant - Tony.