You're Special and God Loves YOU

From a early age I have been very keen on missionary work and was involved in outreach with my local church in Crediton, Devon. In 1962 George Verwer came to Exeter to speak on Operation Mobilisation and it was then that I felt God calling me. In January 1963 I joined O M and worked as a mechanic helping to keep the transport moving, I believe it was more by prayer because the vehicles were so old in those early days!

In late 1964 I joined David and Lydia Bormann in Trieste,  Italy, who were working among the Yugoslav's sharing the gospel with them, the hunger for literature and Bibles was so great. It was then that I started to smuggle literature and Bibles into Yugoslavia and other Eastern European countries. One day I was reading from Philippians 1: 21 onwards and God was asking me if I was ready to lay down my life for Him in these countries where the dangers were so great and real and the work intense.

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