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A rethink!

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Dear readers around the world, its been a month since I last wrote and shared what is going on in Serbia. Its been a month of helping other people to clear up after the storms. Our Prayer is that the love shown to so many people through this difficult time will lead to more conversations and people coming to know the Lord as their Saviour.

In my last report I shared how the storms hit Northern Serbia and so much damage was done in the Backa Palanka area. The two photo’s above will show the house we purchase last year before and after the storms. The house was very badly damaged and after five years of no one living in it, the cost of refurbishment would cost more than a rebuild, so it has now been taken down. The site is still worth a great deal more than what we paid for it. Already we believe that  God has other plans for this site, still with our vision in mind. Will keep you posted. Please Pray for clear guidance for the future. After the storms, summer camps, next week I will share about the way God has been working in these camps. Thank you again for your Interest, Love and Prayers for the Balkans.

God Bless – Brother Tony

Serbian Storms

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Europe at the moment, storms have been hitting Serbia very badly. Attached is a email from my dear friend Stefan who I work with in Backa Palanka.
I know there is so much to pray for at this moment of time of things going on in the world but please pray that through Stefan and the team there in Backa Palanka as they help and give food and find accommodation for people that this will open the door for many to see and hear the LOVE of Our Lord Jesus.

Going Home

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Dear praying friends around the world, thank you for your prayers for the work in the Balkans and beyond. God is touching lives and lives are being changed not only in the lives of the unsaved saved but also Christians. A few years ago I was attending a youth summer camp where I met a man from Canada, he had moved there for a better life, I asked if he had considered returning, and just recently he notified me that has moved back to Serbia. Please pray for him as he is on fire for Our Lord and out visiting towns and villages sharing the gospel with so many. God Bless – Brother Tony

May Update

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Dear Prayer supporters around the world, my apologies for a long pause, I did write a report but it seems to have vanished into mid air. My last trip to Serbia (a few months ago now) was filled with blessings and encouragement as always, we know that when God is working the devil will do everything to put obstacles in the way, this time was no exceptions.

Celebrating the life of George Verwer

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I met George for the first time in November 1962 here in the United Kingdom, a meeting that changed my life for ever. His passion to share the love of God with Europe and then the world just flowed from him for many, his message was radical but very meaningful.

In early 1962 he was arrested in Russia and caused a political storm between Russia and the USA, he was then banned and so was his prayer 'Here I am send others', and others did go. Many will remember George traveling the world and sharing the passion God had given him. Very few will know that when not traveling or taking meetings or at home or with his wife Drena, he would spend time visiting the sick in their homes or hospital, he also had the gift for visiting people in prison.

George was not only interested in Operation Mobilisation but also for all mission groups and individuals. There is much more I could say but, in closing Thank you Drena for the support you gave to George, he spent so much time away from you and the family. Thank you Benjamin, Daniel and Christa Thank you Lord for such a faithful servant - Tony.
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