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Tony Packer

Update - March 2023

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Today, I spent the morning with around 150 Ukrainian people, it was a spiritual, social, food bank and many other things to help make their life a little better here in the UK. The joy I had in talking with people about Our Saviour and giving them Bibles in their own language and also the booklet The Missing Peace. Many good contacts were made, and the follow-up work will begin in three weeks.
Why three weeks? I leave for Serbia on Wednesday 15th, a heavy programme plus spending time in the refugee camp, thank you for your prayers. Two weeks ago I heard a lovely story of a man travelling on a ferry to Ireland, in the restaurant while having coffee, a man came and sat with him, and he just want to know more about God. A Muslim overheard the conversation, and he too wanted to know more. God answers Prayer – Thank you for your prayers – Brother Tony.