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Serbia Report

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Dear Praying friends around the world, thank you for your faithfulness. This past month we have seen so much answer to prayer, it thrills my heart and causes me to believe God for bigger and greater things. Please give Him all the Thanks, Praise and Glory – God Bless you. A week ago it was time to say goodbye to Serbia, so I took the Pastor and his wife and another key worker and family out for a meal. He is giving up a very good job and going into full time service from January 1st 2023, his name Boban, please remember him and family in your prayers. My last Sunday here and we visited a small church, Boban preached and then asked me to share. In that meeting was the younger brother of my dear friend Simo (now with the Lord) he was so delighted and afterwards kept hugging me with tears in our eyes. Maybe, in January I will write a report about Simo Ralevic. Thank you all again for your prayers, this truly was a remarkable visit - Tony.
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