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Oresnjak Summer Camps, North Serbia.

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These are a few abstracts from testimonies from the young people of Summer Camp.
The subject for the week was on the life of Daniel.
1: - Oresnjak is where I excepted Jesus as my Saviour, every year I come with doubts and questions which are all answered through the preaching and conversations. It also has a great impact on my spiritual growth – Sanja
2: - At camp I learned of God’s most highest rules, that God governs all the kings of the world and that He sets up and removes kingdoms. But His Kingdom is eternal. Its a wonderful atmosphere and seeing people around you talking about God and reading the Bible. It’s also nice to see we are not alone in the world and that encourages me – Matej
3: - Very often I felt the message was sent directly to me and I know that this is not a coincident, but that God is leading this camp and sending to the camp exactly those for who the message was intended . Although we had a few days of rain, you could always hear laughter, Glorifying God through and conversations. This camp has had a massive impact on my spiritual growth, that’s why I would recommend this camp to anyone – Tamara
4: - What remained in my heart from these sermons I listened to, was that God’s wisdom and power was to rule over every situation and keep everything under control. The God that guided the life of Daniel is the same God who rules today. Nothing escapes His control and nothing happened without His permission. What an encouragement to serve such a God – Teodora
5: - Through these sermons I saw the truth of God’s rule over everything and His sovereignty which I will use in my daily walk with God. I will remember I can trust in the One who is over everything and whose Word is the First and the Last. Natan 

We give thanks and Praise for answered prayer for our camps here and for all camp held this summer. Thank you for joining with us.  In His Love – Tony
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