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O M 60th Anniversary

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As Operation Mobilisation celebrates its 60th anniversary, I too celebrate 60 years of knowing George Verwer. It was at a meeting in Belmont Chapel, Exeter, Devon on the 1st December 1962 when George was sharing a very radical message on reaching Europe for Christ. It was so radical that no one really wanted to speak with George afterwards but, I felt God saying ‘go and speak with George’, I did and it was a meeting that changed my life for ever……

He pulled a train ticket out of his pocket and gave it to me and said ‘if you mean business for the Lord, I will see you on the train tonight’. That night a bond was made with George which has lasted to this day, a bond where we have shared so much together, we've laughed, cried and prayed together through our difficult times. Two years later (in 1965) he asked if I would take a car down to Trieste, Italy for the team there, this is where God gave me a burden for the then Yugoslavia (now split up into different states after the 1990's war) and other Balkan countries, that burden has lasted to this day. Thank you George for obeying God's calling, also for our friendship and your mentoring which has grown from strength over the years in obeying God, although we have failed Him many times.
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