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Greetings from Sid, Serbia

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Greetings from Sid, Serbia. Sunday 23rd October. After speaking at a Methodist Church I was invited to a BBQ by some of the members, they were lorry drivers and can spend up to six weeks away from home. This was their free weekend and they came to church, it’s an amazing story. Years ago they were in the criminal world and one entered a church in Beograd, Serbia and after a few weeks, found Jesus as his Saviour. He moved North to Sid and invited others to church, they to gave their lives to Jesus. This was a wonderful time of fellowship and they wanted to know more how they can reach out to other lorry drivers across Europe. We are giving them all the literature they need to do this. For two hours we just talked about the love of God. Next report will show team workers in other Balkan countries. Thank you for your prayers, this is being a remarkable journey, Praying God’s Blessings upon you all - Tony
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