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Tony Packer

2022 Project - UPDATE!

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Dear Prayer Partners around the world, thank you for your faithfulness in praying for this project. Originally, we were looking at the end of October to purchase this house but mid September I felt God saying, believe me for the end of September. So I asked the Lord for a gift to come in each day of the last week of September and this happened but on the Friday there was a postal strike and my heart sank. Then I went into my bank account and there was a bank transfer for Friday. We are not quite there yet due to the fall in the pound sterling but our God is great.

I called the team to start the purchase procedure on Saturday 1st October, as he was going to see the owner, she arrived with a big FOR SALE to be put up. He told her there was no need for that and when she heard what we wanted to use it for she cried for joy and gave him the keys. The neighbours around the house and church soon heard the news and they all offered to help clean the place up.

I leave for Serbia on the 14th for a month and will be spending two weeks in the refugee camp.

Our God is so good, so join with us (the Serbian Christians) and give Him all the Praise, Thanks and Glory for this remarkable answer to prayer.

Thank you for standing with us in Prayer, you too are part of this team.