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O M 60th Anniversary

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As Operation Mobilisation celebrates its 60th anniversary, I too celebrate 60 years of knowing George Verwer. It was at a meeting in Belmont Chapel, Exeter, Devon on the 1st December 1962 when George was sharing a very radical message on reaching Europe for Christ. It was so radical that no one really wanted to speak with George afterwards but, I felt God saying ‘go and speak with George’, I did and it was a meeting that changed my life for ever……

Lidia Bormann (Lidia Parra Sanchez)

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Lidia went to be with her Saviour early on Monday morning after much suffering. Please pray for David and the family at this time. They moved to Trieste not long after they were married in Spain, to work among the Yugoslavians, I had the joy of living with them in 1965 and through them, became involved in the outreach to the Balkan countries and beyond. David and Lidia were such a great inspiration and mentors to me, not only while I lived with them but unto this day. They worked so faithfully for Our Lord and Saviour and their vision for the Balkan countries continues to this day. Thanking God for you, David and Lidia in obeying His call and serving Him so faithfully. I close with Philippians 3 v 10, 'That I may know Christ and the power of His resurrection', This certainly showed in your lives.

Serbia Report

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Dear Praying friends around the world, thank you for your faithfulness. This past month we have seen so much answer to prayer, it thrills my heart and causes me to believe God for bigger and greater things. Please give Him all the Thanks, Praise and Glory – God Bless you. A week ago it was time to say goodbye to Serbia, so I took the Pastor and his wife and another key worker and family out for a meal. He is giving up a very good job and going into full time service from January 1st 2023, his name Boban, please remember him and family in your prayers. My last Sunday here and we visited a small church, Boban preached and then asked me to share. In that meeting was the younger brother of my dear friend Simo (now with the Lord) he was so delighted and afterwards kept hugging me with tears in our eyes. Maybe, in January I will write a report about Simo Ralevic. Thank you all again for your prayers, this truly was a remarkable visit - Tony.
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News from Backi Petrovac, Serbia

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Today it was a great honour and privilege to see Rachel and Ana being baptised. I have known Ana for a number of years and seen her grow in the love of Our Lord. Although I didn’t know Rachel until today, I had received sound reports about her. Let us uphold these two young people as they continue to walk the path of faith, also remember all young people as they Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk. These are the results and answers to your prayers - Thank you - God Bless, Tony.
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Greetings from Sid, Serbia

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Greetings from Sid, Serbia. Sunday 23rd October. After speaking at a Methodist Church I was invited to a BBQ by some of the members, they were lorry drivers and can spend up to six weeks away from home. This was their free weekend and they came to church, it’s an amazing story. Years ago they were in the criminal world and one entered a church in Beograd, Serbia and after a few weeks, found Jesus as his Saviour. He moved North to Sid and invited others to church, they to gave their lives to Jesus. This was a wonderful time of fellowship and they wanted to know more how they can reach out to other lorry drivers across Europe. We are giving them all the literature they need to do this. For two hours we just talked about the love of God. Next report will show team workers in other Balkan countries. Thank you for your prayers, this is being a remarkable journey, Praying God’s Blessings upon you all - Tony
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